December 11, 2017


Hi, my name is Janice McNicol and I am an online coach with a passion to help people create a profitable online business which aligns with their passion and purpose.

My background includes working for Global companies in diverse industries including Financial Services, Technology and the Media, and should you wish to know more about me go to my About Me page.

In more recent years I ran my own successful learning and development consultancy; working with large, medium and small businesses and national and local economic development companies.  I created and delivered bespoke training programmes which helped develop hundreds of people either individually or as teams.

My key strengths are in the area of empathy, communication, connectedness, positivity and maximising human potential.   I have a flexible, adaptable approach when dealing with people;  and my coaching and training programmes are always designed to combine the practical with the creative.

Currently as I learn to develop my own online presence,    I am partnering, as an affiliate, with the  top leading providers in the field of online marketing and digital education, to provide my followers with the very best learning and development they need to build their own profitable business online.

Providers who have designed cutting-edge  learning and development programmes  that teach  the  essential  “Steps to Success” blueprints that guarantee online marketing success…………if you follow the steps of course!

Their focus is essential training, coaching,  mentoring and support to build your online business;  which includes: list building and personal branding;  marketing tools and systems;  advertising and marketing training with complete and ongoing support through community.

They also provide the opportunity as an affiliate, to earn as you learn to develop your own products and programmes.

If you know any entrepreneur who wants to transition into the world of online marketing and digital education, please get them to Contact Me.   I would love to connect and help.

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Love Your Life – Live Your Destiny – Leave a legacy!